New car buyers in Santa Fe searching for a reasonably priced subcompact model may find the Hyundai Accent is a wonderful choice. Hyundai produces a variety of excellent sedans and SUVs. The Accent reflects the manufacturer's smallest-sized vehicle and one of its more popular offerings. At Fiesta Hyundai, we have a nice selection of these models for buyers. Once car shoppers view the top features, they may move towards purchasing a new Accent.

Solid Design

Often promoted as a "budget model," the Accent comes with an exceptional, stylish design that still allows it to appeal visually. The hood and grille, in particular, both stand out and draw attention to a somewhat sporty look.

Quality Performance

For a small car, the Hyundai Accent delivers the necessary horsepower to get you where you want to go. The engine powers daily rides on city streets and highways equally well. The cost-conscious may also appreciate the fuel efficiency the vehicle delivers. Yes, the Hyundai Accent gets you where you want to go in Santa Fe reliably and affordably.

An Appealing Interior

Don't think that a subcompact Hyundai fails to provide comfort on the inside. Four passengers and a driver can enjoy the relaxing seats and adequate dimensions of the Accent's interior. The legroom, in particular, is impressive. Even the look of the interior catches eyes, as the designers worked hard to give it a sense of style.

The cargo space should provide Accent owners with more than they expect. Again, even though the model is a subcompact one, it delivers some features that you wouldn't normally expect in a small car.

Safety and Technology

Hyundai wants its loyal customers to experience a safe drive on the road. That's why modern tech-assisted safety features appear prominently on the Accent's "positives list." In addition to supporting safety, there are some excellent "infotainment" tech features found in the model.

Test Drive an Accent Today

Find out what's so awesome about the Hyundai Accent. Take one or more models out on a test drive in Santa Fe. The team at our dealership would love you to do so.

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